Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tong Hua! a.k.a. Fairy Tale

This song is a must hear for all my Asian viewers that understand! ^_^ It's a great song to fall asleep to or listen to skip time.

The Story:
         A couple are on a date. When the girl crosses the street to go home, a drunk driver accidentally crashes into her. The boy cannot save her in time, and the girl tells him that fairy tales don't always have happy endings. After her funeral, he begins denial that he caused her to believe fairy tales don't exist.
        After a couples years, the boy begins to understand that the girl was beside him all this time. He sings this song to express his eternal love for the girl. He will spread his wings to help and protect the girl. As the boy dies of old age, he is again reunited with his love in heaven.

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