Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why Did I Fall in Love With You~

Why Did I Fall in Love With You by DBSK
     Great spirit-uplifting song! :D The rhythm is somehow makes you want to hear more of the song, and it is very enjoyable. Luckily, this song contains no rap! xD It's more of a lovely song to hear when you have nothing to do. There are also various scenes throughout the video that show the band singing and close-ups to their faces. Also, look at the rather funny face of the male actor when he throws flower petals at the bride.

       The boy meets with the girl in the beginning scene at the bridge, and they both formally say, "Long time no see!" The scene then shows the girl smiling at her wedding next to her groom. The boy is standing at the side, and is one of the wedding guests. As she approaches him, her smile begins to fade. The wedding "walk" up to the priest is in progress, and the boy just stares sadly in the seats as he remembers memories about them together in the past. The scene goes back to the bridge, and the girls tells the boys she is getting married. He is in shock, but doesn't show his emotions. The scene switches back to the wedding when she meets eye contact with him, and he hides his emotions by smiling, and throwing flowers. After, she smiles again, and walks happily down the crowd. At the bridge, he says, "Congratulations." They both walking opposites ways, and the girl turns around to tell him," Good Bye...." very softly.

Friday, August 17, 2012

San Diego & Los Angeles :D

Fake Shark Jaws

I didn't even want to get near the glass! >~<

Me No Likey AQUARIUMS =_=

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Los Angeles & San Diego Trip

I'm on my trip to San Diego and Los Angeles. Soo excited xD. We will be preparing to go to beaches, eat LOTS of seafood, go clam fishing, and more! I'll be posting pictures right when I get back from the trip on August 13.          
                                                                                                    LATER! ^_^

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tong Hua! a.k.a. Fairy Tale

This song is a must hear for all my Asian viewers that understand! ^_^ It's a great song to fall asleep to or listen to skip time.

The Story:
         A couple are on a date. When the girl crosses the street to go home, a drunk driver accidentally crashes into her. The boy cannot save her in time, and the girl tells him that fairy tales don't always have happy endings. After her funeral, he begins denial that he caused her to believe fairy tales don't exist.
        After a couples years, the boy begins to understand that the girl was beside him all this time. He sings this song to express his eternal love for the girl. He will spread his wings to help and protect the girl. As the boy dies of old age, he is again reunited with his love in heaven.

Vietnam, Here I Come!!! 2

In My Aunt's House. It's me with the red shorts ^_^
Pictures make us strangely Yellow? Everyone's actually really pale :/
Our Family took up the Whole Second Story Restaurant xD
Can't Sleep :) so I braided Cousin P's Hair xD
Cousin N looking for Wedding Dresses :D

Vietnam, Here I Come!!! 3


............and After! :D 
Isn't it pretty? :D
Before leaving, Cousin M showed me the gift I gave her 2 years ago
Leaving :,(........ Many of us Cried

Vietnam, Here I Come!!!! :D

My Aunt's Backyard :)
Cousin P eating Trai Thanh Long a.k.a. Dragonfruit
Not A Very Good View :3

Apartments Blocking My View >.<

Barely see the Night Lights 0_o
2 Rooms & 15 People........... Oooh Asians ^_^'

Look at our Rented Apartment :D
On our Private Bus back to my Hometown :) 

Taiwan Airport Stop ;D

Old MailBoxes in Taiwan 

Looks like an aquarium :D but it's just blue windows

Airplanes :)

There's no water 0-o

Ready to go on Airplane! ^-^
In the San Francisco Airport :)
I look tan >.< ewwww

Monday, August 6, 2012

Trip To Vietnam :D

Beginning June 4 to July 16, I was on vacation to Vietnam to visit my family. It was so fun that I didn't want to leave! Tears were passed as I parted back to America. I told them told don't worry as I won't be leaving forever. I said wait till I become an Asian celebrity, and I'll come back every week on my yellow private jet. ^_^

                                                            Pictures will be uploaded later! ;)